Professional Programme

12th Pécs International Dance Festival

Classical and Contemporary Ballet Course

09.15. 11:00 | Eck Imre Ballet Studio

The most talented students of the Hungarian Dance Academy, the Secondary Grammar Schools of Arts of Győr and Pécs have been invited to participate in a master course held by internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer, dance teacher Alice Valentin-Kermorvant and one of Hungary's most respected dancer, dance teacher Uhrik Dóra.

Live Dance History Lesson with Lőrinc Katalin

09.17. 15:00 | Pécs National Theatre - N. Szabó Sándor Studio

Uhrik Dóra talks to dancer, dance teacher and writer Lőrinc Katalin about her colorfoul career.

Szalay Tamás presents Lőrinc Katalin's new book in the second part of the lesson.

The programme is held in Hungarian for the dance students of the Pécs Secondary Grammar School of Arts.