Professional Programme

10th Pécs International Dance Festival

Classical and contemporary ballet Course

09.27. 10:00 | Kodály Centre

The most talented students of the Hungarian Dance Academy, the Secondary Grammar Schools of Arts of Győr and Pécs have been invited to participate in a master course held by internationally acclaimed choreographer, dance teacher Neel Verdoorn and one of Hungary's most respected dancer, dance teacher Uhrik Dóra.

Hungarian Dancers' Association Board Meeting

09.28. 11:00 | Zsolnay Cultural Quarter E78

An exclusive professional programme for board members only.

Hungarian Dancers' Association Forum

09.28. 14:00 | Zsolnay Cultural Quarter E78

Forum about the current issues of the Hungarian dance scene. Topics include the future of dance in secondary and higher education, the launching of the website of the dance journal "Dance Art".

The forum will be held in Hungarian.

Live dance history lesson with Uhrik Dóra

09.28. 16:00 | Eck Imre Ballet Studio

Guest star: Tihanyi Ákos dancer, choreographer.

The conversation will be held in Hungarian. 

Tihanyi Ákos