Hungarian National Folk Dance Ensemble Recruitment

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


- length of the performance: 70 minutes in one part -

In memoriam Cseh Tamás

More than twenty years ago, Tamás Cseh, with his album entitled Katonadalok (Soldier Songs), set an unforgettable memory for our former great-grandfathers, the Hungarian soldiers who gave their young lives and blood for their homeland and common idea. Music and song remain in the shared memory, but dance only swirls like a vanished memory in the distance of the past, in the movements of the flesh-and-blood people of bygone times. In the performance we recall these movements, the messages of the past; and we bow to the Hungarian hussars, soldiers and infantrymen who gave their lives to the nation, who defended the Hungarian homeland and set an example for all generations to follow.

Performed by the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble and its Band
along with the Honvéd Male Choir

Sets: Kázmér Tóth
Costumes: Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze
Music edited: István Gázsa Papp, Ádám Takács, Sándor D. Tóth
Choreographed by Zoltán Zsuráfszky, Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze, Gergő Sánta, Attila Tókos

The programme includes choral works by Zoltán Kodály, Lajos Bárdos, József Karai, and an excerpt from a piece of Vivaldi's music.
You can listen to the music from Tamás Cseh's album, Soldier Songs from recording.

Co-Directed by Zsuzsa Zs. Vincze Harangozó-Prize winning, Meritorius artist
Directed by Zoltán Zsuráfszky Kossuth-Prize winning, Merited artist