15th Pécs International Dance Festival

Dance Square in Theatre Square

16:00 | Theatre Square

Colourful show given by various local dance groups and schools in Theatre Square.

Project leader: Papp Viktor, founder of the Fordan Dance Club

Hungarian State Folk Ensemble Ode to the Singing Bird

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


PB2Company Breakout

21:30 | National Theatre of Pécs - Chamber Theatre




Performed by: Frank Edina, Karin Iwata, Koncz Péter, Molnár Zsolt, Szabó Márton

Music: montage
Director: Tucker András

We all want to break the rules... We yearn for freedom, life without limits. We need human relations, physical contact, to touch and to be touched... Yet we are still full of tension caused by the recent restrictions... some of us are overwhelmed by fear and taken into a different state of mind. In this piece we wish to find the ways  of overcoming these fears. How can we break out from the prison of fear? How can a dancer cope with an intense time like this?


The perfromance is funded by the National Cultural Fund.

Free ticket registration until 16 September 2021 at info@pecsibalett.hu