15th Pécs International Dance Festival

Kulcsár Noémi Tellabor | GG Dance Eger The Tempest | Beethoven V.

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


1st part: Kulcsár Noémi Tellabor: The Tempest

PROSPERO: Csere Zoltán
CALIBAN: Túri Lajos Péter
ANTONIO: Deák Kristóf
ALONSO: Kovács Mátyás
FERNANDO: Engelmann András
MIRANDA: Hajszán Kitti 
SYCORAX: Bányai Mirjam
ARIEL: Horváth Attila 

Dramaturg: Cseh Dávid
Costume: Bati Nikolett
Set: Kulcsár Noémi, Csere Zoltán
Music: Szabó Sipos Ágoston
Choreographer: Kulcsár Noémi 

“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on, and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.”
(Shakespeare: The Tempest, excerpt)

Amid a terrible tempest strange figures gather on an enchanted island. A wise, lonely old man, a beautiful, pure girl, a depraved monster and a light-footed spirit. Is this Prospero? And this Miranda? Where is dark Caliban? And Ariel? Through the art of movement and dance the members of Kulcsár Noémi Tellabor strive to create a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s final masterpiece about theatre which is both a last farewell from the stage and its eternal celebration.

After Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Much Ado About Nothing,HarangozóGyula Prize-winning choreographer Noémi Kulcsár has chosen to adapt William Shakespeare’s final great work. The production’s dream-like atmosphere is permeated both by a sense of resignation and revenge, and lit by the hope of young love, while it is difficult to define where dance and movement begin and where the music ends. In Tellabor’s new dance piece we can recognize both our contemporaries – and ourselves.

2nd part: GG Dance Eger: Beethoven V.

Performed by:  Emődi Attila, Gioele del Santo, Kelemen Dorottya, Martina Tizzi, Novák Laura, Plita Márk, Fodor Sára, Forczek Janka

Artistic Assistant: Topolánszky Tamás
Music: Ludwig Van Beethoven
The Choreographer's Assistants: Kelemen Dorottya, Emődi Attila, María Kuhmichel, Sergio Villalba, Candela Rodríguez, Mauro Cacciatore, Lihuén Fiorotto
Choreographer: Roberto Galvan


Lőrinszky/Lőrinc Here and Now

20:00 | A szünetben, a Pécsi Nemzeti Színház előcsarnokában

Improvisational performance by ballet dancer Katalin Lőrinc and double bass artist Attila Lőrinszky.