15th Pécs International Dance Festival

Dance Square in Theatre Square

16:00 | Theatre Square

Colourful show given by various local dance groups and schools in Theatre Square.

Project leader: Papp Viktor, founder of the Fordan Dance Club

Ballet Pécs 60 jubilee gala

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


Ballet Pécs celebrates its 60th jubilee in 2021. 

The Ballad of Loathing was the very first production of Ballet Pécs that debuted on 3 January 1961.
Imre Eck's iconic choreography to Sándor Szokolay's composition has been performed several times to celebrate an important jubilee of the company.
To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Ballet Pécs a brand new concept was developed by director Balázs Vincze. Fresh contemporary choreography was created by Lóránd Zachár to Sándor Szokolay's original music. To follow the concept new costumes were created by designer Viktor Kozarics. 

The Ballad of Loathing can be seen in the first part of the gala evening.
More than ballet- a documentary about the company's past and present is to debut as the second part of the gala evening.


Performed by 
Karin Iwata,  Marina Pérez Ahedo, Frank Edina, Kis Jana Luca, Rónaki Nina, Balogh Csongor, José Blasco Pastor, Koncz Péter, Matola Dávid, Molnár Zsolt, Szabó Márton, Varga Máté

Composer: Szokolay Sándor  
Costume Designer: Kozarics Viktor
Dramaturg: Uhrik Teodóra 
The Choreographer's Assistant: Ujvári Katalin 
Director: Vincze Balázs  
Choreographer: Zachár Lóránd 

The Ballad of Loathing was co-produced with the Pécs National Theatre and funded by the National Cultural Fund.




MORE THAN BALLET... - a documentary

Project Manager: Uhrik Teodóra

The film was created by FILMING IN PÉCS:

Director: Richárd M. Nagy HSD.
Executive Producer: Ernő Urbán
Writer, 1st Assistant Director: Ferenc Fiszter
Director of Photography: Dániel Wenhardt 
Producer: Adrienn Farkas
Script Editors: Zsófia Hajdú, Bernadett Nádorné Sasvári 
Composer, Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-recording mixer: Bálint Nagy 
Picture Editor: Roland Marosy 
Gaffer: László Oláh 
Production Manager: Nikolett Müller-Takács
Cameramen: Armand Figler, Ferenc Fiszter, Dániel Reisz, Dániel Szabó, Tamás Őrs Paplauer, Tamás Varga
Graphics: Melinda Bordás
Make-up Artist: Luca Mester 
Colorist: Fiszter Ferenc

The documentary was created by Filming in Pécs and funded by the Ministry of Human Capacities.


Idéző 1.84 Company Kaleidoscope - Hommage à Béla Bartók

21:30 | Theatre Square

The Idéző 1.84 Company, together with Ádám Kiss-B and Marcell Szabó created a special evening from the eternal works of Béla Bartók, where music and dance rightly pay tribute to the figure of the famous composer. We gain insight into the historical “kaleidoscope” of Hungarian times, as a rapid succession of colourfully swirling changes, through the male world of Hungarian folk dances. A colourful selection from Béla Bartók's classical works for piano and violin, two worlds, two male urban-verbunkos dance solos, microcosmos and endless variations. We are planning our current folk dance-theatre performance in an individual, special voice, in one act, looking at the relations between our urban existence and the Hungarian traditional culture. In the stage creative process, we also choreographed the dance music played on the traditional folk violin and the piano pieces drawing inspiration from it. 

… we could not walk this path without Bartók's legacy…

our task is worthy remembrance and progress…

Thoughts of Marcell Szabó: The music of Béla Bartók is often neoclassical and folk at the same time. So it simultaneously builds on the universal (European) musical traditions and on the Hungarian roots (through folk music), renewing them with a special tone: "respect for tradition and renewal". Bartók is the author whose music will be timeless and eternal precisely because tradition, national spirit and innovation are present in his music at the same time, so it is for everyone, its content is universal.

Music: Béla Bartók, Ádám Kiss-B. and Marcell Szabó
Lighting design and Technician: Roland Patai
Dance/Choreography: Ifj. Zoltán Zsuráfszky and Attila Tókos