13th Pécs International Dance Festival

Flamenco Sopianae Flamenco Evening

17:30 | Cella Septichora

Performed by

Alex Torres – guitar
Jazhyan Terézia – vocals
Pilári Áron – cajon
Markó Éva and Nagy Eszter – dance

Photo: Mihály László

Free entry!

Outdoor dance with the UP Dance Team

18:30 | Theatre Square

The Dancing University of the University of Pécs is a unique initiative in Hungarian higher education.

The Dancing University was founded at the University of Pécs in 2000. Its main aim is to create an extraordinary leisure-time activity of high quality, which is absolutely unique in Hungarian higher education. It is exercise and entertainment at the same time, the courses can be taken as sports classes or for credit and it also serves as a contact point for students and employees of different faculties. In 2005 the Dancing University set the Guinness record of the most people belly dancing simultaneously, and in 2010 it reclaimed the title with 826 men and women participating at the event.

In February 2011 the UP Dance Team was founded in order to be able to perform in the most various dance styles.

Inversedance | Black Box Dance Company (DK) OH BUT MY MOTHER... | NO SEX

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Chamber Theatre



Kitty Balkányi’s first dance theatre piece called „Oh but my Mother” focuses on the topic of oppression hidden behind love. The choreographer wrote about the work in progress: “May we are all concerned with questions like what made us and how we became the humans we are right now. Why do we react on a way to things and situations as we do? What does defines our thinking, everyday actions, routines. Responding to these questions is a deeper and more complex process then it can be summarized in a few sentences, or can be showned in a 20-25 minutes performance. One thing is sure, first we have a relationship and connection to our Mother. We sense her already in the Womb, her fears, emotions, we are born with these experiences, and with growth and development we get more and more layers from others on us. So, the question is that in this huge cavalcade where do I begin? Until that very moment we do not find this Me within, we cannot controll our lives, we hide behind others and seek fulfillment by other people. This oppression been hidden behind love is often inherited from generations to generations, and we do not even recognise when we turn to be oppressors from being oppressed.”

Choreography: KITTY BALKÁNYI
Music: ATTILA GERGELY, montage
Lighting design: ZOLTÁN FODOR
Performed by: INVERSEDANCE I Zoltan Fodor Company and guests. 

Supported by NKA Zoltán Imre Program and Performing and Creative Arts Foundation.

NO SEX - A World of Gender

"NO SEX - A World of Gender" looks at both the individual's own as well as society's expectations of gender and sexuality. On display in a clinically white box are 4 bodies - 4 creatures - 4 people – 4 individuals. In this box, they take on a journey through a series of scenarios where they exaggerate, exhibit, accept and fight against confirmative and non-confirmative notions of gender and sexuality. They are both alone and united at the same time. Confused and in and out of love. With militaristic precision they go with the flow of mainstream to eventually seek out of and in chaos fight against it, but maybe never to break to free. By working with oppositions such as irony and sincerity, precision and chaos, the piece challenges the many ideas and norms of gender and sexuality that lead to inaccurate assumptions of what it means to be a man or woman, what love is or the many "fashionable" ideas that can be harmful and hostile.

In Jason Mabana's distinctive choreographic language, vision and thorough direction, the dancers have been given and found their place. The piece is the result of close collaboration between the choreographer, the dancers and the rest of the artistic team.

Choreography: Jason Mabana
Dance: Black Box Dance Company
Music: Christian Tronhjem
Costumes: Åsa Gjerstad
Lightdesign: Eirik Lie Hegre
Set design: Aske Skovsted Jensen


Sponsored by the Embassy of Denmark