13th Pécs International Dance Festival

Outdoor dance with the UP Dance Team

18:30 | Theatre Square

The Dancing University of the University of Pécs is a unique initiative in Hungarian higher education.

The Dancing University was founded at the University of Pécs in 2000. Its main aim is to create an extraordinary leisure-time activity of high quality, which is absolutely unique in Hungarian higher education. It is exercise and entertainment at the same time, the courses can be taken as sports classes or for credit and it also serves as a contact point for students and employees of different faculties. In 2005 the Dancing University set the Guinness record of the most people belly dancing simultaneously, and in 2010 it reclaimed the title with 826 men and women participating at the event.

In February 2011 the UP Dance Team was founded in order to be able to perform in the most various dance styles.

Ballet Pécs Carmina Burana

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


Composer: Carl Orff
Dramaturg: Vincze Balázs, Uhrik Dóra
Stage Designer: Erdős Júlia Luca
Costume Designer: Fekete Katalin
Projection Designer: Pázmány Virág
The Choreographer's Assistant: Kovács Zsuzsanna, Vincze Brigitta

Director-Choreographer: Vincze Balázs 

Performed by:

Alien: Koncz Péter
Mother: Ujvári Katalin
Hope: Matola Dávid
Girl: Karin Iwata / Frank Edina

and the company of Ballet Pécs:

Bozsányi Liliána, Kis Jana Luca, Kócsy Mónika, Nagy Írisz, Rónaki Nina, Szécsi Theodóra, Balogh Csongor, Erdélyi Zsombor, Molnár Zsolt, José Blasco Pastor, Rayco Lecuona Suaréz, Szabó Márton, Szendrői Bence, Varga Máté

The performance is recommended to persons over 14 years of age!

Graphic Design: Sándor Zsolt