12th Pécs International Dance Festival

Yvette Bozsik Company Pinocchio

17:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Chamber Theatre


Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio appeared in Italy in 1883. Pinocchio, the wooden puppet is at odds with morality, find it difficult to resist temptation, he is rather lazy and often tells tales. His one desire is to have fun. His story follows the structure of folk tales: the unsuspecting and naive protagonist innocently steps out into the world. He runs away from home and gets in with bad company, has a series of calamities, and gets into ridiculous situations. During his adventures he must realise that for happiness, he must behave well and learn a lot. As a reward, he turns from a wooden puppet into a little boy, returns home and lives happily with his old master.

Performed by

Pinocchio: Hasznos Dóra
Geppetto: Vati Tamás
Cricket: Nagy Levente
Cat: Samantha Kettle
Fox: Feledi János
Mangiafuoco: Kalmár Attila
Fairy: Stohl Luca
Harlequin: Vislóczki Szabolcs
Pulcinella: Frigy Ádám
Columbina: Krausz Alíz
Pinocchio's Friend: Krizsán Dániel
Inn-Keeper, Circus Director, Teacher: Gombai Szabolcs
Schoolgirls, Circus Artists: Farkas Dóra, Fehér Laura

Written by Carlo Collodi
Stage Design: Vati Tamás
Costumes, Props: Juristovszky Sosa
Lights: PetőJózsef
Music: Philippe Heritier
Creative Producer: Iványi Marcell
The Choreographer's Assistant: Vislóczki Szabolcs
Director-Choreographer: Bozsik Yvette

Coproduction by the Yvette Bozsik Company and the National Dance Theatre. 
The performance was funded by the National Cultural Fund and the National Bank of Hungary.

Photo: Horváth Judit - Yvette Bozsik Company

International Ballet Gala featuring European Ballet Stars

19:00 | Kodály Centre


Featuring current stars and future prodigies from renowned international ballet companies. Spectacular extracts from modern dance pieces and well-known, virtuosic, world-famous grand pas de deux of the classical repertoire. 

Principal Soloists of the Danish Royal Ballet, Jerusalem Ballet, Ballet Nacional de Catalunya, Bucharest National Opera and Slovakian National Ballet, soloists of the Hungarian National Ballet and Vienna State Operahouse’s Junior Company’s dancer.

Production manager of the evening: Art Management Agency


Slovakian National Ballet
Romina Kołodziej (PL) and Andrej Szabo (SK)

Vienna State Opera Junior Company
Sergiy Golovin (UA)

Ballet Company of the Bucharest State Opera
Cristina Dijmaru (RO) and Bogdan Ĉanila (RO)  

Ballet Nacional de Catalunya
Leander Rebholz (D) and Madoka Sasaki (J) 

Jerusalem Ballet 
Maria Selector (IL) and Michael Schneider (IL) 

Hungarian National Ballet
Tatiana Melnik (RU) and Iurii Kekalo (UA) 

Royal Danish Ballet
Holly Dorger Larsen (USA) and Jón Axel Fransson (ICE) 

Photo: Csendes Krisztina

International Ballet Gala - Pécs 2018 - Trailer from Art Management Agency.

Sponsors of the Gala:

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, the Romanian Cultural Institute, the Slovak Institute and the Austrian Cultural Forum.