12th Pécs International Dance Festival

Compagnie Pal Frenak | Szeged Contemporary Dance Company fa_UN | The Rite of Spring

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Chamber Theatre


1st Part
Compagnie Pal Frenak: fa_UN

How can someone have a world, a universe? How does our life become really authentic,our own? The piece fa_UN, with its solo charactersand their reflections, refers to Debussy's and Nijinsky's emblematic Faun, the hybrid creature between animal and human, and even more so to the universe, as well as un, the French word for one, which emphasizes that the variations of a single character is the focus of the choreography. 
Through abstract movements in a suspended net, with powerful contemporary electronic music and monochrome colors the choreography speaks of new balance achieved over time, and creates a special, ageless fusion – referring the title: unity – of masculine and feminine, old and young, animal and human.

Choreography and Concept: Frenák Pál
Sound: Hajas Attila
Lights: Marton János
Stage: Zoltai György
Music: Gryllus Ábris, Farkas Miklós

Performed by:

Frenák Pál
Esterházy Fanni
Maurer Milán

Photo: Boczkó Tamás

2nd Part
Szeged Contemporary Dance Company: The Rite of Spring

People with the remains of their past share the same closed community with no aim at all. They have no idea of where their lives are moving but their constant search  for refuge is growing increasingly intolerable: they are obliged to make a common decision as to the way of bursting the bubble of the present to strive for new existence. The painful recognition dawns: the emergence of the new life requires common sacrifice.
The „Rite of Spring” of Stravinsky is redrawn from the angle of the twentieth century: the modern interpretation of salvation, sacrifice and the process of turning into the subject of an offering. A self-consuming society is slowly abandoning its past without a definite picture of its future. The only way left to verify the reason for its survival is to demonstrate its aim, which is its existence and eventual fall as it falls victim by offering itself as a sacrifice.

Dancers: Szigyártó Szandra, Kiss Róbert, Takács Zsófia, Claudia Elvetico, Hegedűs Tamás, Horváth M. Gergő, Czár Gergely, Bocsi Petra, Vincze Lotár, Aradi Zsolt, Nier Janka, Kovács Enikő, Bacsó Gabriella, Wéninger Dalma

Music:  Igor Sztravinszkij
Lights: Stadler Ferenc 
Costumes: Bianca Imelda Jeremias 
Consultant: Almási-Tóth András
Choreographer: Juronics Tamás

Ballet Director: Pataki András
Artistic Director: Juronics Tamás

Photo: Tarnavölgyi Zoltán