12th Pécs International Dance Festival

Flamenco Sopianae Flamenco Evening

17:30 | Cella Septichora

Performed by

Jorge Arena – guitar
Jazhyan Terézia – vocals
Bánhalmi Zsolt – cajon
Markó Éva és Nagy Eszter – dance

Free entry!

Hungarian National Dance Ensemble Compromise

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


In 1867 the Habsburg court, which had bloodily crushed the revolution, and the Hungarian political elite, led by Ferenc Deák, struck a compromise to reconcile the two countries of the Empire. Despite historical controversies, the Compromise brought unprecedented economic and cultural prosperity to Hungary, a short but unforgettable period often referred to as "those good old days of peace.” 
The cultural elite grew increasingly aware of the richness and beauty of Hungarian dances and costumes, the variety of traditions, while the peasantry started to look upon its culture with growing pride. Decorative art flourished, the clothes became more colourful, with the different nationalities coexisting peacefully, while maintaining their cultures.
150 years after the Compromise, we want to salute this unprecedented flowering of folk art in Hungary, presenting the virtuoso dances, the rich costumes and the wonderful music of the Magyars and the ethnicities that live with us.

Writer, dramaturgist: Zs. Vincze Zsuzsa
Music: Rossa László, Szabó Dániel, Szarka Tamás
Musical editors: Papp István Gázsa, Szabó Dániel
Scenic design: M. Nagy Richárd
Costumes: Zs. Vincze Zsuzsa
Sets: Götz Béla
Choreographers: the choreographers of the invited ensembles and Sánta Gergő,
 Zs. Vincze Zsuzsa és Zsuráfszky Zoltán 

Presented by:
Hungarian National Dance Ensemble and Music Band
Folk Ensemble of Hosszúhetény, Folk Ensemble and Music Band of Zengővárkony, Muharay Elemér Folk Ensemble of Bag
Söndörgő Band (from recording)
Actors: Farkas Dénes, Rátóti Zoltán, Oberfrank Pál (from recording)
Director, Choreographer: Zsuráfszky Zoltán

Photo: Váradi Levente