1st part: Hungarian Motifs 2nd part: TranzDanz: RatVille

19:00 | Zsolnay Cultural Quarter E78

Lukács Miklós, Borbély Mihály, Fülep Márk

1st part: Hungarian Motifs – from folk music to contemporary, music and folk dance in Hungary

The concert tries to find the connection between contemporary music, folk music and folk-inspired improvisation wandering through Hungarian landscapes.
The program includes music by contemporary Hungarian composers as well as old masters, traditional folk music and folk-inspired jazz. The transition between the genres is provided by the coproduction of the performers each representing a different musical style.

Bognár Szilvia

Performed by:
BORBÉLY Mihály, woodwinds (clarinet, taragot, saxophone, kaval, pipe)

FÜLEP Márk, woodwinds (flute, piccolo, alto flute, recorder, pipe)

LUKÁCS Miklós, cimbalom
BOGNÁR Szilvia, vocals
TÓTH Ildikó „Fecske”, dance
FARKAS Zoltán „Batyu”, dance, gardon, drum
Artistic Director: FÜLEP Márk


The second part of the evening presents one of the most significant contemporary dance companies of Hungary. The 30-year-old TranzDanz perform their newest show: RatVille, 
that was co-produced by the National Dance Theatre. 

Ispired by László Krasznahorkai’s The Melancholy of Resistance, which is a powerful, surreal novel, in the tradition of Gogol, about the chain of mysterious, chaotic events surrounding the arrival of a circus in a small Hungarian town. 

Choreographer, Visual Design: KOVÁCS Gerzson Péter 
Performed by: BORA Gábor, GERA Anita, TÓKOS Attila, ÚVÁRI Milán
Music: Wondawulf

The performance was sponsored by the National Cultural Fund and Movein Studio.

TranzDanz: RatVille | Photo: Szigetvári Zsolt