Yvette Bozsik Company A Cabaret

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Chamber Theatre


Longing in Two Acts
Performance with one interval (duration of acts: 45 + 25 minutes)

The performance revisits the world of German cabaret in the 1920s and 30s. It presents an early twentieth century and at the same time end-of-the-century strange, grotesque world, based on silent film-like choreography, strong theatrical characters and wry sentiments. All of this to music by such artists as: Kurt Weill, the Palast Orchester, with vocals by Max Raabe and Marlene Dietrich.
The production depicts the decadence of a decaying world with the characteristics, social commentary and sense of humour of the era’s cabarets. As time goes by, and spring turns to summer, autumn turns to winter, the grotesque style of the choreography turns more and more melancholic.
After an eight-year break, Yvette Bozsik returns to the stage in the role of the Musical Clown.

Performed by: Bozsik Yvette, Hasznos Dóra, Krausz Alíz, Samantha Kettle, Gombai Szabolcs, Kalmár Attila, Papp Csaba, Tölgyesy Zoltán, Szikszay Tibor, Vati Tamás, Vislóczki Szabolcs, Zambrzycki Ádám

Director-choreographer: BOZSIK Yvette 
Scenery: KHELL Zsolt 
Costume: BOZÓKI Mara 
The Choreographer's Assistants: KRAUSZ Alíz, VISLÓCZKI Szabolcs 
Lighting: PETŐ József 

Photo: HORVÁTH Judit