Enemy Squad presents Pécs Breakers

17:00 | Cella Septichora

The legendary Hungarian breakdance crew Enemy Squad presents Pécs Breakers with the support of ANK.

Eszter Lázár Body Language Project 8

17:30 | Cella Septichora

The Body Language Project is strongly influenced or rather determined by the space it is performed in. Similarly to earlier projects dancers explore the most peculiar venue for dance in town: Cella Septichora, the centre of the late Roman Christian Necropolis.

Concept: LÁZÁR Eszter
Creators: LÁZÁR Eszter, SPALA Korinna
Visual Design: Pg PÁL Gergely body painter

Free entry!

Pyrgos Greek Dance

17:30 | Theatre Square

Greek dance with the Pyrgos Folk Band and Dance Group

Artistic director, dance teacher: Takács Katalin

Ballet Pécs The Taming of the Shrew

19:00 | National Theatre of Pécs - Grand Theatre


-ballet in 2 parts based on William Shakespeare’s comedy -

Length of the performance 2×35minutes

Ballet Pécs was reborn in 2017 by becoming an autonomous ballet company of the town after belonging to the Pécs National Theatre for 56 years as its dance department.
The very first premiére of the now independent Ballet Pécs is Shakespeare’s evergreen about the all-time witty woman. Our ’shrew’ is cunning and wily. Seemingly, she is in the background. However, she is the one in control. Our performance tries to depict the relationship between man and woman, their eternal fight to outwit each other. One uses strength, the other deploys cunning stratagem. Finally unity and togetherness win while both parties may feel the sweet sense of triumph. We aim to revive the wonder of the Renaissance with a 21st century form and movement language that has the rythm of the present as well as the spirit of Shakespeare. The stage and costume design and the original music composed to the ballet all serve this intention.

Co-produced by the Pécsi Balett Nonprofit Kft. and the Pécsi Nemzeti Színház Nonprofit Kft. funded by the National Cultural Fund.

Composer: KOVÁCS Benjámin
Stage and Costume Designer: MOLNÁR Zsuzsa
Dramaturg: UHRIK Dóra, VINCZE Balázs 
Rehearsal Leader: SZABÓ Márton
The Choreographer's Assistant: SÁGHY Alexandra

Choreographer: FÖLDI Béla 

Performed by the dancers of Ballet Pécs
In the leading roles: UJVÁRI Katalin, HOFFMAN Virág Zoé, MOLNÁR Zsolt, KONCZ Péter

Photo: RAJNAI Richárd